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3 records to become a (Modern) Blues guitar player

To learn how to play the Blues and become a better guitarist, listening is one of the most important things! But above all, listening to the right things is essential! For this reason, today I wanted to recommend 3 records that deeply influenced me, especially at the beginning of my musical growth. Obviously, the list could be endless, and these are just the first listenings that I decided to share with you.

1. Eric Clapton – Just One Night:

It was 1983, there were just a few shortcomings to my birth and my father decided to buy the “Just One Night” vinyl. Legend has it that I was quite a fool, kicking out like crazy in the belly of my mother. The only way to make me stop was to put this vinyl and play it! It ‘s true to say that I grew up on the notes of “Eric Clapton”, certainly the “number one” among my guitar heroes of all time. This is the record that started the first flame and made me want to learn how to play the Blues.


2. Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love

What about a record that contains iconic songs like “Little Wing”, “If 6 was 9”, “Castel Made Of Sand”. One of Jimi’s writing masterpieces. Certainly one of my favorite records of all time.
If you have not listened to it yet, I suggest you do it more than once: every time you will discover important details that you did not notice before. To become a Blues guitarist, you have to go from here!

3. John Scofield – A Go Go

It was 1998, I was 15 and when I discovered this record I was struck by it. It sounded Blues, but it was not like the Blues I had heard so far. There was some Funk, but it was not like what I had heard in James Brown’s records. From there I fell in love with John Scofield, and became one of the most important influences of my playing! On this album, he is accompanied by the trio Martin, Medeski, and Wood, a trio organ with modern sounds but strongly influenced by the great “The Meters” of New Orleans.

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