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3 useful tips to get back to study after the holidays.

After the holidays, we turn the Amps back on. Autumn is coming and all of us musicians are already loaded for a new season of clubs, concerts, events, lessons. My students know it: in music you have to take the stairs, you can’t take the elevator – take a look at my school online, I’m sure you’ll find the course that’s right for you, or take advantage of the new promotion that concerns the “Membership” ; click here to learn more – and getting ready is one of these steps.

What’s up at the top of the stairs? Yourself. Your playing, I could say, but no: there is everything that composes you, atoms and desires. At the bottom, beyond your Stratocaster or Les Paul or Telecaster beats the heart of a human being.

Getting Ready, I said. Yeah, but what does it mean? To study, of course, to learn how to play the blues, because it is a bit like indicating a whole palette of colors without choosing one in particular. But getting ready means much more and in this long year that we will spend together in this virtual living room, I will tell you two or three things that are part of my long career, that inspired me, that made me the man and the musician I am today. Maybe they will help you too, or maybe they will be the starting point for setting up dialogues, comparisons, reflections.

So don’t stop searching is my philosophy, which is reflected not only in my teaching but also in my music, means at least these three things, which I am happy to share with you.

Be Dedicated. Work hard, study.¬†You can’t make it if there is no dedication behind it. Those exercises, scales, triads might be pretty boring, right? Nobody doubts it. But you have to start from there and if you’re not willing to sacrifice yourself a bit, if you’re not willing to dedicate your body and soul to your instrument, you can not allow yourself to grieve. Studying, studying, studying, as if it were the most beautiful and fascinating thing in the world. And from my point of view, it is.

Stay Focused. You must be focused on what you’re doing. You can not think about what you will do the next while you study, while you dedicate yourself to music. Music does not make discounts and does not like those who make fun of it. Being focused means giving value to our time. Can you study only ten minutes? Well, make it works! Do not miss watching the flies buzz, otherwise, even those will be lost.

Set goals, since now. What better period other than September? Let’s say it’s like a New Year’s Eve and from here you can have a fresh start. What is your goal for this 2018/2019? Who do you really want to become? Without a goal, every climb is useless and every sacrifice is in vain. If you dig well inside you, you know what you want and desires, as I said at the beginning of this article, they are part of ourselves: they are our biggest fears and breath.
I know I know. Time, life, busy schedule … We’ll talk about it. There will be time to give you many tips regarding the complex, fragile, delicate world of music and musicians, the blues and the many changes that have affected the genre in recent years. Meanwhile, if you liked this article, share it or comment below. I’m all ears!

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