Three Guitar Players that Changed My Life.

Oh yes, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton really changed my life.
Did it happen to you to be struck by a song or a musician when you first listen? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me the first time I listened to these three giants of modern Blues.
The first ever was Eric Clapton. You can say that I was born on his notes: my father, a few months before I was born, bought Just One Night vinyl and the legend tells that I stopped kicking only on Slowhand’s notes. It might be for this reason that until the age of 12 there was no other “guitar hero” other than Eric! So I asked my father for a black strat. It was my first serious toy. My favorite game was to play and imagine myself on stage with him! 🙂 From the great guitarist who influenced me, generations and generation, I learned the lyrical aspect of the solo and also influenced me from a vocal point of view.
Listen to the crazy solo on Double Trouble in Just One Night:


My second fulguration came around the age of 14. A dear friend of mine, much older than me, brought me around twenty records I had never heard before. Of course, I knew who Stevie Ray Vaughan was, but I had never delved into it that much. The first album I listened to was Texas Flood, then In the Beginning: I was immediately kidnapped by Stevie’s passion and the energy with which he played. It was a tornado of emotions! From my second hero, I learned the management of dynamics: Stevie was able to pass from pianissimo to fortissimo with a unique mastery. Listen to the song All Your Love on In The Beginning:



Jimi Hendrix has always been present among my favorite plays, although in the last period I was lucky enough to appreciate the greatness of his writing at 360 degrees. An album overall? Axis: Bold as Love. Songs like Little Wing or Castles Made Of Sand are indisputable poetry in music, in which the guitar does not play only a solo role, but is part of a larger and more complex design, of a higher will of expression. Here, I learned this from Jimi: a song is not just about the guitar. There must be a story behind it, just like when we improvise.
Listen to the song If 6 was 9:



As I always say to my students – if you like, you can take a look at my GUITARlab: Moder Blues Guitar School educational portal and start to be part of our beautiful group click here – the first important thing to bear in mind for change our playing is to decide what we want to play. Choosing points of reference from which to start are essential in order not to get lost in the sea magnum of the history of Music. Remember: you can not play everything well! On the other hand, we are the result of all that preceded us, of all that has been done before us. I could mention dozens of influences of the same importance as these of which I spoke to you in my article, but … How do you say? The first love is never forgotten!

All the best,
Davide Pannozzo


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