The new pedalboard!!

Hi everybody,

I’m going to show you my new pedalboard! After three years of intense live and studio sessions between Europe and the USA, I’ve decided to redesign my sound experimenting new solutions and new setups, which were smart and flexible.

My first goal was to keep the same dimensions of the old pedalboard (52cm x 30cm), so I can easily bring it with me as hand luggage on the plane.

Having said that, I decided to change the pedals completely as well: I removed the buffer and replaced booster and chorus with pedals that are part of my collection, and I bought over the years.

Same power supply, the fantastic Voodoolab Pedal Power 2 plus. I bought 2 of them: one at 220v when I’m in Europe and one at 220v when I’m in the USA. In that way, the only thing I have to think about when I’m abroad is to change the power supply without worrying about the cabling.

At the center of my system, there is the “Magic Box” that I made in collaboration with the genial Matteo Spiro. This box, depending on the amp system I get, allows me to decide the routing of the signal without changing the cabling. I can choose to go into one amp, to go into two amps doubling the same signal, or turning on a trigger (speaker on) sending the Dry sound to the first amp and the Wet sound of Flint and Flashback on the second amp. The sound that goes into the Speaker In of the box is taken from a power cable from External Speaker of a Fender Blackface amp.

(For more info about the box, please contact Matteo at

At this point, I decided to redo the cabling entirely using a new cable and different plugs. I contacted Mason Marangella of Vertex, which has prepared ten cables according to the lengths I requested using the fantastic Belden 9778 cable and Vertex pancake connectors that have a very low capacitance.

Now we just have to wire and decide the positioning of the pedals. For that, I was helped by my wife, as you know a woman’s touch regarding order and aesthetics never hurts! 🙂

The signal path is: Guitar – Volume Pedal Boss – Fulltone Octafuzz – Maxon SD9 – Vemuram Jan Ray – Xotic RC Booster – Vox Wha – Arion Chorus – MAGIC BOX – Strymon Flint – TC Flashback.

To stop the pedals on pedalboard I used the Dual Lock of 3m and standard Velcro to halt the power supply:

The instrument cables that I’m using are the Planet Waves – American Stage, great sound, and excellent reliability. A fantastic cable with a superb price.

See you next time!



Here’s my 2019 live pedalboard. For more info please visit the GEAR PAGE!

My New 2019 Live Pedalboard

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  • Federico Fornara
    Reply August 3, 2018 7:26 am

    Hi Davide,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your pedal board, very useful!

    I have a question about the order. I can see that some of your pedals are the same that Scott Henderson uses, and I’m not surprised as Henderson is a guru on sounds, and any good guitarist should take inspiration from him.

    My question is: you are putting the fuzz before the Maxon, and the booster after it, while SH does the opposite.

    What are the benefit of fuzz before and booster after?

    Thanks a lot!!

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