Playing “All Your Love”

Hello everybody,
I decided to answer to some requests on my Facebook page, writing a new blog post explaining my approach on some of the Blues Standards that I like to play!

Today I’m going to talk you about my rendition of the famous “All Your Love (I Miss Loving)” by Otis Rush.

The peculiarity of this song is the different portamento and key between the first and the second section.
As you might have noticed, the first part is clearly a Rumba Blues (and a Minor Blues) and the second one is a Shuffle blues (and Major Blues).

Having said that let’s take a listen to my rendition here:

The first part is basically a minor blues in G with the V chord as a min7 chord, instead of having a dom7.

0:26 I began to add some kind of spicy notes here and there, using C Dominant 7th pentatonic over G min7, resolving on the minor 3rd of Cmin7 at 0:31.

0:36 D Minor pentatonic over D min7 going back on C min7 and underlying the chord changes.

0.47 Same concept of the first part: I like to underline the minor chord using the Dominant Seventh Pentatonic up a 4th. For instance, I play C Dominant Seventh Pentatonic over G min7.

0.51 Resolving again on the minor 3rd.

1.05 Shuffle Blues groove! Now we have a regular major blues with G7 / C7 / D7. I played Minor & Major Pentatonic over G7 and Mixolydian over C7.

1.19 Some Outside Playing Here! I played G# pentatonic stuff resolving on C7 at 1.21.

1.26 I tried to create some tension again playing Gmja7 over G7. A bit outside, but I like that! 🙂


1.30 Some chromatic stuff to create more movement. It’s more like a Bebop Dominant Scale here, with some cool passing tones.

1.57 Same ideas. Creating some tension using the bebop stuff.

2:09 Back to the Minor Blues again.


2.15 On C min7 I consider that as part of a “II-V-I” in that way I can use, again, bebop scales to play some chromatic stuff.

If you like to have a chat about anything, feel free to comment here or reach me on my facebook page!

Talk to you soon!



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