How to Play The Modern Blues

Hello everyone,

Today we’re going to learn how to apply some simple harmonic concepts to our playing over the Blues form.
You may have been using the pentatonic scales over three chords so far, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Many guitar players that made history have used that.

But now the question is: how to play the same tools differently to underline the changes, be more efficient over them and sounds more modern?

Let’s try some options:
1) On I, let’s play the Minor & Major Pentatonic starting from Tonic.

2) On IV, let’s play Pentatonic Minor starting from I changing the minor 7th with major 6th (that would be the major 3rd of IV chord). We would have a so-called Minor Add 6th Pentatonic scale.

This is a very tasty option that lets you underline the change and staying strong on harmony. You can use this scale on every I-IV change. You won’t regret it! 🙂

3) On V, try to play Minor Pentatonic starting from Tonic (omitting the tonic that would be the 4th of V chord) or Minor Pentatonic starting on V.

Keep in mind that using Minor Pentatonic starting from I, you will get a 13bminor 7th, tonic9#. That sounds cool!

Other tips: Try to use the Minor add 6th Pentatonic over a min7 chord too. This scale comes from the Dorian scale.

Try these options on different keys and grooves!
If You like, try my backing tracks! You can find them here:
Having said that, with these simple indications, you’ll discover a new way to play the Blues, basically still using the pentatonic.
Sounds good, isn’t’ it? 🙂

See you soon!

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